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Hello there!
I am Arturo Ríos Gutiérrez, a Mexican designer with experience in crafting digital products. 

After receiving my BA in Industrial Design in 2015, I decided to challenge myself and started building not only physical objects but also visual interfaces and brands. By working for two years in an R+D company developing hardware-based products, I had the opportunity to actively participate in the conceptualization of projects and witness firsthand the transformation of rough ideas into commercial products.
My areas of expertise are sketching, 3D Modeling and Rendering,  Rapid Prototyping, User Experience/User Interface and Design Management. I also enjoy pushing keyframes in After Effects, so If you want to work on an animation project maybe I can help you out.

Currently, I am working at Wizeline as a User Experience Designer, having the opportunity to collaborate with cross-functional teams in delivering meaningful products of services for Fortune 2000 companies, as well as learning and sharing UX practices with educational institutions.

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