Company: Kinergy Innovations
Year: 2015
Industrial Design: Arturo Ríos
UX/UI: Aldo Cass
Engineering: Guillermo Rodríguez


Moikka is a Smart Home Device for Home Automation, capable of measuring temperature, motion and air quality through built-in sensors, and sending the information in real time to users through an app. It also includes an amorphous solar cell which allows it to charge itself and be self-autonomous.

Moikka is inspired in both scandinavian and japanese daily objetcs. His smooth and minimalistic form can be adapted to any space inside the house. The lower part made out of wood gives it a solid base to communicate a static object.
 I was in charge of the concept development of moikka, material research, housing design (enclosure) and final renderings. The project is still under development. 
More information here:

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